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I don't see a photograph, but digital is so much easier. I don't even need much in the way of skill and the missus was able to pick up and do much of my mixing for me.
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Recording and Production / Re: Experiencing a weird issue with recording
« on: December 05, 2018, 19:52:21 PM »
Hey thanks, MrHarryReems. I should have asked this question before I bought a mic. That's a really sweet price!

For now I'm just looking to record with a single input (guitar) although at some point I would like to expand out and start doing some vocals as well but I'm not in a real rush on that front. Mostly I'm looking to learn some songs and record them so that I can use them to improve my playing.

> Are you planning on using a keyboard controller for soft synths?

Umm, maybe? I have no earthly idea, lol. I'm an utter neophyte when it comes to all this stuff.

I'm downloading Cakewalk Pro now and I'll check it out. If I understand it correctly you run the guitar through an interface and into the software where you can record however many inputs the interface is designed for?
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