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Author Topic: What is this site for?  (Read 3059 times)

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What is this site for?
« Opened on November 18, 2018, 17:48:18 PM »

This site is to combine the resources that we have scattered around, and to create a central repository of said resources.

The main goal of this site is to archive all of the tracks that are submitted in Friday Night Guitar Threads (FNGT). Each week, when the thread has stopped being active, a new post will be published. Inside that post, there will be a link to all the various songs that were shared, as well as a label for who shared what.

The formatting for that is bound to change as it gets refined over time, but that's okay. The goal is to create an archive.

For now, we'll just be doing this from here on out. If you'd like to do the older threads, feel free to do so. Just register and follow the same patterns that I use. It won't take long before everyone understands what's going on.

We will also be using this site as a backup. Should Voat's servers go down, we have here to reconvene. I'll make a few generic categories and we can add whatever categories we might need to the list as we go along. However, the goal is not to detract from our regular guitar threads, but to provide an addition to those threads.

This will require work. I can't commit to doing all the work - but I'll do the first few weeks to get things sorted and make sure everything does work as planned.

NOTE: I will be asking for donations. The cost of web hosting is spiralling out of control! Between the three music sites for Voat, it's about $480/year. The hosting for this one domain is about $150/year, by itself. I can pay for it by myself, but it'd be nice to have some help. Moreover, I'd actually like to put these sites into some sort of trust. Basically, I'd like them to be able to keep running, even if I'm not here.

(Speaking of which, I'll need someone to be a backup admin, I'm pretty sure. We'll see how that goes and who sort of gets nominated or nominates themselves after a sufficient period of time has passed and we're reasonably sure of trust.)

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