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2023 Archives / Re: 10-13-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: December 02, 2023, 23:16:36 PM »

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2023 Archives / 10-13-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: December 02, 2023, 23:16:30 PM »

   The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting long. Thats a sign that means you should play us a song! It is time for the Friday Night Guitar Thread. Time to share your musical talents with your peers. We're all here. So let us hear you. Any instrument. Any skill level.

   Sleazy  My buddy came over again this week and we learned and rocked out to another punk song, by the Exploited, I Believe In Anarchy

   TheRealBuddha  I'm having connectivity issues, but should be able to post this:  Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall (EH #1, #3, #4; J B & K, TB #2, #5, & P)  That should be a fun one to listen to. I recall it taking us some time but being a fun one to record. I do believe that was a direct COF request.

   Sleazy  I was playing cards with my son and a couple of his friends last night as they needed another player, and some other friends of theirs showed up here all drunk. We finished the card game, and one of those kids I don't know asked if that was my drums in there, so I said you want to hear some guitar? He says sure, so I went in the next room here and turned that half stack on and started jamming this tune and those kids came running in there and threw money at me and just going crazy. They were saying 'holy fuck! You're a Rock Star!' and asking what band I was in. They were all surrounding me wanting to shake my hand like I am Jimi Hendrix or something

   MasterSuppressionTechnique  Gemini II  I got around to it. 🎧🎸🎶

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2023 Archives / Re: 10-06-2023 FNGT Archives 2023
« on: December 02, 2023, 22:57:01 PM »

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2023 Archives / 10-06-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: December 02, 2023, 22:56:54 PM »

   Hmm... I know there's something important tonight... What is it? Oh, wait, it's time for the Friday Night Guitar Thread! That's right, it's time to come share some music that you've created and time to come rock out to the music created by your peers!

   TheRealBuddha  Hello and welcome to another FNGT! Like normal, we'll go ahead and get you started.

We actually have been working on something new, but it is not yet ready. There's some tweaking that needs to be done and it is not an easy piece to record properly. So, that's in the pipeline but not yet ready. I hope you too have something you're working on. In fact, I hope you have something that's prepared to share tonight!  What I've chosen to do is reach way back into the dark days of the thread and dig up a song I've not shared in a while. As I recall, @Sleazy sang along with this one when we first shared it, but they didn't record themselves singing along. They were wooing a woman, as I recall.Journey - Lights (B #1 & B; J K; TB #2 & P)  It's a pretty good song. You have Biff on rhythm and bass. J fills in on keys. I did the lead and the percussion. (That's what all the weirdness in the file name conveys.)  Enjoy and rock on, goats! Rock on!

   Sleazy  My friend Chris came over to jam out some music again earlier this week. We were trying to decide what song to learn and play when I said, lets just make up a song, lets make a punk rock song. So, that's what we did.  Here is our brand new original song, Guess I'm Going Back To Her Now

   While Chris was here the other night we also learned and played a Ramones song, Blitzkrieg Bop

   MasterSuppressionTechnique   Wandering the Keechi Hills

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2023 Archives / Re: 10-20-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: November 11, 2023, 17:12:31 PM »

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2023 Archives / 10-20-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: November 11, 2023, 17:10:17 PM »

   Hmm... Yup, it's Friday. There seems to be a Friday every week! Well, you know what that means. It means that this is the time for the Friday Night Guitar Thread! All listeners/players welcome. Come share with your peers!

   TheRealBuddha  Hello and welcome to another FNGT! Like normal, we'll get you started on our musical journey!  I almost have something new to share, though I will not be here next week. So, I dug something out of the VERY deep archives for you.  Van Halen - I'm The One (B #2; TB #1, B, & P)  Rock on, goats! Rock on!

   MasterSuppressionTechnique  Gemini III  Been a bit busy for posting, but I have been recording. This one was a stylistic request... from a pretty girl.

   Sleazy  My buddy Chris stopped by for an hour this week before he left town for the rest of the week and we jammed a loud guitar version of I came here to party!

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2023 Archives / Re: 09-29-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: October 28, 2023, 13:46:40 PM »

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2023 Archives / 09-29-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: October 28, 2023, 13:46:32 PM »

   The work week is over, summer is done, but that doesn't mean that we can't have fun. It is the Friday Night Guitar Thread. Time to take your guitar out of the closet, dust it off and play it. Music is for sharing, so let us hear your musical talent. Any skill level. Any instrument. All are welcome

   MasterSuppressionTechnique  Islet

   TheRealBuddha  I think I'm going to sort of skip this one and spend some time offline (with the missus). She wants to have some chatter with me. Specifically, she wants me to spend some time with her checking her list. Her goal is to replace her daily driver with something else and she's been after me to sit down with her and review her list.  So, I'm going to do that. I may be back later. I may check in on the thread from time to time. Both are possible, perhaps even likely.  I have nothing new, but I have something you haven't heard in a long while - perhaps not since I first shared it... I even have the text from when I originally shared it. It is as follows: Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way (B #2, J K, TB #1 && Guests on Percussion Sax and Bass)   Enjoy and thanks to @Sleazy for opening the thread.

   Sleazy  Hello everybody, my buddy Christopher stopped by earlier this week and we learned and jammed out this Ramoanes song, Punk Rock Girlfriend

   MasterSuppressionTechnique  Well, I only had time for one try... but I tried to play along. I can't say that I improved it. Maybe next time.

   Sleazy  Here is my buddy and I jamming out to a Nirvana tune, About A Girl

   popticalillusion  I got a few archives finished up. There are 2 weeks left to do, plus this week when it's closed out.  The doctors diagnosed me with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, which is really no surprise to me at all.  I'm still going to put some recordings together when I can and have fun!  I don't have anything myself this week, but I'd like to share a new song written by my cousin. He writes Christian Music and is also a pastor at his church. Breakthrough - Written by Graham Siemon, Jordan Craig, Zach Silk, and Travis Wysocki.

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2023 Archives / Re: 09-22-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: October 28, 2023, 13:24:46 PM »

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2023 Archives / 09-22-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: October 28, 2023, 13:24:39 PM »

   It's a little early, but I need to strike while the iron is hot (that is my ISP is cooperating). So, it's time for the Friday Night Guitar Thread! You know what to do because you've seen this all before. We do it every weekend!

   MasterSuppressionTechnique   Friday Afternoon Sunshine Jam  Have a great weekend, everyone.

   Sleazy   I been sick all week. So here is a song from when Chris and I were at Verles a couple weeks ago, On the Road Again

   TheRealBuddha  Hello and welcome to another Friday Night Guitar Thread! Like normal, we'll go ahead and get you started.  I don't have any news and @Sleazy is out of commission for a while. So, I'll grab something from the archives.  Ladies and gentlemen, presenting The Biff and TheBuddha Band, covering Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses!  That's Biff covering the bass and doing Izzy's bits, while I take care of percussion and Slash's bits.

 Rock on, goats! Rock on!

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2023 Archives / Re: 09-15-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: October 28, 2023, 13:08:47 PM »

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2023 Archives / 09-15-23 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: October 28, 2023, 13:08:40 PM »

   It is the last Friday of this Summer and you know what that means! It is time for the Friday Night Guitar Thread. It's time to rock out! Everybody is welcome. Any skill level, any instrument. Share a tune with us. Come listen. Just get in here!

  TheRealBuddha have something from the archives that I haven't shared but once - that I can think of. This was originally recorded for COF (I'm pretty sure) who liked the song. I believe he was actually after a CCR song, but ended up with me recording this John Foggerty piece: (The Old Man Down The Road, of course.)  I have the shittiest connection and I'm hopeful that this makes it through. My bandwidth should improve later, but it may not and I may get distracted by then. Someone called me like 20 minutes ago and asked if I was home and free, I said I was home but not necessarily free. My bandwidth will make that determination.

  Sleazy  Last weekend my buddy Chris came over and we went out to the studio and plugged in to the amplifiers and turned them up and rocked the fucking place.  Here we are playing the Ramones classic I wanna be sedated

   Here is my buddy and I jamming out to American Idiot by Green Day

   After those tunes we got all drunk and were just jamming some blues riff when some words came to Chris, I got a woman

   MasterSuppresionTechnique  Concrete Ship

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2023 Archives / Re: 09-08-2023 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: September 30, 2023, 18:50:37 PM »

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2023 Archives / 09-08-2023 - FNGT Archives - 2023
« on: September 30, 2023, 18:50:28 PM »

   You know what day of the week it is. I ain't gotta tell you! So, with that in mind, it's time for the weekly guitar thread! Come join in on the fun. Come share in the music. Better still, come share your music with your peers!

   Sleazy  I was visiting my buddy Verle last night when my other buddy Chris texted me asking if I wanted to jam. I said I am at Verle's and he said he will bring two guitars and be right over.

Here we are playing our song Fireside

   TheRealBuddha  Hello and welcome to another Friday Night Guitar Thread! Like normal, we'll get you started...  So, this is actually a track that has been in the making for a long time. I wanted to show that Malmsteen isn't the only one. Well, that and I wanted to thrash. That means we pulled out all the stops. A Scalloped Neck And A Bag Of Tricks (the usual suspects)

   No, those aren't real vocals. They're a chorus setting on a fancy keyboard with like a zillion voices. I do not actually have a choir available, at least not easily. Though, I could probably call in a couple of favors and have access to one.  Anyhow, that's a scalloped neck and a bag of tricks. You'll hear almost everything (including the tremolo and pretty much eight fingers tapping) and nothing. For as complicated as it sounds, it's musically pretty simple. The techniques are hard, but we stay in our lane as far as keys and key changes. This makes it easier for the casual listener and nobody likes jazz.  Rock on, Goats! Rock on!

    MasterSuppresionTechnique  I call this one "Glass in the Sand"  Slightly Stoopid has really dropped off in quality and they sang an autoparts commercial at the last show I saw them play at. Pretty disappointing.  So... now if I want to hear the new shit, I gotta make it up, myself.

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2023 Archives / Re: 09-01-2023 - FNGT Achives - 2023
« on: September 30, 2023, 18:26:15 PM »

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