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  1. The FNGT is having its 4th year anniversary!
  2. I must have been honest...
  3. Welcome, new people!
  4. V is closing and the FNGT is moving...
  5. Thread Resources:
  6. V's availability sucks...
  7. Testing!
  8. A short history of the Friday Night Guitar Thread and title
  9. I hate writing lyrics, but I might have done OK on this one
  10. I have a new music studio room... with actual studio monitors!!
  11. V is acting up...
  12. Quick update...
  13. I will be landing shortly.
  14. I see COF has been busy!
  15. Just to make sure we're on the same page...
  16. Well, I am ready!
  17. Eureka!
  18. Continuing with a theme...
  19. Let's see who's paying attention.
  20. Status report
  21. Auditioning a new player
  22. Pondering the Invites?
  23. Psst!!! When the forum sends you an email, click the link... (more)!
  24. Re: 04.20.2018 FNGT Archive
  25. You can throw roses!
  26. @COF Archive question.
  27. We need your Thoughts
  28. Hello from a newbie and good luck with the site
  29. Just wanted to say HI so HI
  30. Herro and good jam
  31. I got to get drunk!
  32. I see that @LegalPerson frequently, but they never say anything!
  33. Dedication!
  34. I got a card from the guitar goats!
  35. Global Moderators and Admins (of course) may now submit files up to 16 MB.
  36. You may now pick among serveral themes.
  37. Finally... I think I have it!
  38. What is this site for?
  39. There will be no "Grand Opening" for this site... (Open to read...)
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